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Balashov Sergey Vasilievich, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Dnepropetrovsk of orders of Labour Red Flag, Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, a mining engineer with degree in technology and complex mechanization of underground development of mineral deposits).






Graduated Dnepropetrovsk mining institute of Artem in 1981. Specialty: "Technology and complex mechanization of underground mining of mineral deposits". Qualification: mining engineer

Scientific degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences (Doctor of Philosophy). Defended the dissertation “Calculation and optimization of parameters of degassing of the pulled together layers” in 1987 in the specialty ": Safety measures and fire-prevention equipment, 05.26.01.

The academic status of the associate professor of engineering graphics is appropriated by the solution of an academic council of the State mining academy of Ukraine in 1996.

Teaches discipline: Engineering and computer graphics.

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