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Додатко О.І.

Dodatko Alexander Ivanovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, mining engineer-electrician, with degree in "Mining machines and systems" with specialization "Mining Electromechanics").






All is published 72 units of literature uchebno-metodicheskoy and scientific:

– 25 advanced studies;

– 18 works of the methodical providing of educational process;

– 3 standards of State higher scientific establishment “NGU”;

– 26 textbooks and train aids from them a 1 textbook and 17 train aids with the vulture of DEPARTMENT of EDUCATION And SCIENCE, young PEOPLE THAT SPORT of UKRAINE, for the last 3 years:


– Engineering graphic arts: Navch. manual. Kind. 6th, dopovn. but vipravl. Vulture MON of Ukraine № 14/18.2–207 from 11.02.2004 ;

– Graphic arts engineering and computer: Textbook. Vulture MON of Ukraine № 1/11 – 8568 from 14.09.2010;

– Engineering graphic arts in a miner: Navch. manual. Kind. 3th, dopovn. but vipravl. Vulture MON of Ukraine № 1.4/18 – G– 575 from 25.07.2006;

– Engineering graphic arts: Navch. manual. Kind. 2th, dopovn. but vipravl. Vulture Molodsport of Ukraine № 1/11 – 12957 from 08.08.2012


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