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Dudko Mikhail, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, a mining engineer - electrician with degree in mining electromechanics).






1. Mikhail Dudko, born in 1945.

2. He graduated with honors in 1969 Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, "Mining Electrical Engineering." Qualification - mining engineer-electrician.

3. Candidate of Technical Sciences. 30.06.1986 defended the dissertation work, in the specialized scientific council of the Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, specialty 05.05.06 "Mining machines". (HS Diploma PhD number 095424, Moscow 10.12.1986 r.)

Thesis - Rationale method for determining the performance of belt conveyors for peripheral force of the drive.

4. Scientific work in Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, and then NMU connected with research torque sensors actuators mining machines, as automation and overload protection as well as the development of software problems of geometric modeling and test control the level of knowledge of students.

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