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Matsyk Irina Nikolaevna, Ph.D., Associate Professor (The National Mining Academy of Ukraine, an engineer-technologist with degree in mineral processing).






Irina Matsyuk graduated from the National Mining University with the honours degree in Mineral Processing and got the qualification of Engineer.

After completing postgraduate programme Irina received the Candidate of Sciences Degree. Title of the candidate thesis is “The substantiation of wasteless technology of brown coal slurry treatment of briquette factories”.

At present holds the position of Associate Professor. Delivers lectures, supervises the course papers takes tests and exams in the following courses:

· Applied Mechanics;

· Theory of Mechanisms and Machines;

· Details of Machines;

· Technical Mechanics;

· Applied Computer Graphics.

In teaching of these courses uses personal experience of engineering, research activity, graphic and mathematical software.

Scientific activity is related to development of methods of analysis and synthesis of mechanisms with the implementation of modern information technologies with their further usage for kinematics and dynamic research of mechanisms.

Irina Matsyuk has scientific publications in the national specialized and foreign journals, published subject guides and manual with on that a vulture is got МОН of Ukraine.

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