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Verner Ilya Vladimirovich, the Head of informational technology design laboratory, an Teaching Assistant (The National Mining University, a mining mechanical engineer with degree in mining equipment).





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Since 2004 the Head of informational technology design laboratory. Having the knowledge in the field of computer graphics, participated in the training areas of construction and design of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Certified online certificates Center "Specialist" in the field of computer graphics, maintenance, personal computers, use of electronic document management systems, administration:


Certificate of course Completion Autodesk® Authorized Training Center (ATC®) for using AutoCAD (Certificate No. 1FXXZYEOL3 from 2016-05-24).

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Digital Storytelling in the Classroomon the Adobe Education Exchange

Consult the faculty and students in the field of computer graphics: raster, vector-oriented WEB and typography. Engaged configuration, diagnostics and testing computer hardware, network hardware and operating systems.

Performs all types of academic work in the following disciplines:
• Theory of Mechanisms and Machines;  
• Informatics, algoritmics and programming;
• Informational systems and technologies;
• Hardware and software;
• Information and communication technologies for scientific papers presentation;
• Methods and tools of actual design solutions;
• Machine-building Computer Drawing;
• Machine Parts;
• Application-oriented Mechanics;  
• Technical Mechanics.

In 2015 received the certificate of "International Engineering Educator" UA-165 from the "Ing. Paed. IGIP".

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У 2018 році приймав участь у роботі Весняної онлайн школи Fusion 360 (Certificate No. 138542BMS5).
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