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Ziborov Kirill Albertovich, the head of the department, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, a mining mechanical engineer with degree in "Mining machines and complexes").






1. Ziborov Kirill was born at 1966.

2. Graduated with honors in 1990 Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute, "Mining machines and systems." Qualification - mining engineer-mechanic.

3. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Ph.D. 03.07.1996, in the specialized scientific council of the State Mining Academy of Ukraine, diploma CN number 011757.

Topic: "The formation of the kinematic and dynamic characteristics of the units of the chassis assembly and selection of elastic wheels mine locomotive [Text] dis. Candidate. tehn. Sciences: 05.15.16 "Mining machines", 05.02.09. "Dynamics and strength of machines, devices and equipment" - 1996. - 168.

4. Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mechanics, diploma DC number 003445 of 21.12.2001 Head of the Department of machinery design bases (up to 2005 - the Department of Engineering Graphics) in 2000.

5. Research work related to the research of optimization techniques to create the drive parameters of mine locomotives with increased traction and braking characteristics. Author of 114 publications, including 68 scientific and 14 educational and methodical. In collaboration - 30 patents of Ukraine and Russia.


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During the work performed as a singer and performer responsible in performing government research state topics:

· GP-47 "The theoretical rationale for the choice of parameters, the engineering construction of a break-mine locomotives with increased performance characteristics";

· GP-317 "The theoretical justification of technical solutions to improve the performance of mine wheeled vehicles";

· GP-414 "The development of the theory, calculation methods and technologies for the creation of a new generation of mining equipment", etc.

Contractual work:

· 020301 "Development of the mine wheelset steaming trolley";

· 020302 "Improving the wear characteristics of ductile iron sliding.".



6. At the initiative at the Department created:

· Laboratory of Information Technology Design (2004);

· "Department of machinery design bases" at the base of "Department of Engineering Graphics" and the "Center of Information Technology Design ' (2005);

· Authorized Training Center CAD Ascon (2009);

· Laboratory Design UM «Universal Mechanism" (2012).

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