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The subject of the student's choice:

Actual Design Solutions

The discipline involves studying modern software products for working with objects of raster and vector graphics in area of electronic, polygraphic and web design. The skills and knowledge obtained through the study of discipline will help to develop creative thinking, and can also become the basis of knowledge for work in the field of presentation and advertising of industrial and virtual products.

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Actual Design Solution: Part 1 - Graphics (See below)
Actual Design Solution: Part 2 - Animation (visit subject page

Information support of discipline


Methodical tutorials:

1) Методичні вказівки до виконання лабораторних робіт з використанням растрової графіки.

2) Методичні вказівки до виконання лабораторних робіт з використанням векторної графіки.

Course of video lectures on area of raster, vector and 3D graphics.


Tutors leading the course.

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