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ASCON Authorized Training Center

Department of the Machinery Design Bases actively uses and implements the advanced technologies in engineering design teaching.

Since 2009 the ASCON Authorized Training Center in KOMPAS-3D software has been operating in the Department. ASKON specializes on the implementation of integrated solutions in the field of engineering design training and is one of the leading software developers in the CAD systems and the systems of engineering data management. Academics of the Department who teach the students in the Training Center are certified specialists in KOMPAS-chart and KOMPAS-3D.

In cooperation with ASCON company the Department hosts a number of scientific seminars devoted to the modern solutions in the following fields: building a common information space of the enterprise, engineering document management, automation design and technological support of production based on CAD / CAM / PDM systems.

During the seminar held on May, 26, 2010 the new version of KOMPAS-3D Software was presented; in addition during the seminar associate professor Vladimir Protsiv has been recognized as one of the best beta-testers of the software new version.

Continuous use of COMPAS software in Bachelor and Master training, starting from the first year and finishing by diploma works led to the establishment of the Faculty Student Design Centre where students can make their projects using COMPAS software.

Since 2008 ASKON Summer School annually opens its doors to teachers who wish to develop professionally. The series of trainings provided in the School framework help teachers to get acquainted with the modern software solutions that can significantly simplify and improve the efficiency of designers and technologists work. At the end of the trainings teachers have the opportunity to pass the examinations and get certified by the ASKON Company. The teachers of the ASCON Authorized Training Center at the Department of Machinery Design Bases are certified professionals that ensure the high level of teaching in the Centre.

In addition to students training and Summer School for teachers the Centre provides teaching to the unemployed people who are registered in the Dnipropetrovsk Employment Centre. The project is developed in cooperation with the local authorities as a part of the Adults Retraining Program. The Centre provides training in the CAD Systems basics.

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