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28.09.2021 Actual Web Technologies

Now, as we know, practice makes perfect.

Teachers of the Engineering and Generative Design Department actively stimulate students for promising activities. At time of study "Actual Web Technologies" students of group 132-19-2 worked on the national educational platform of Prometheus and succesfuly complete training course "Fundamentals of WEB UX development 2020" and received the appropriate certificates.

14.07.2021 Competition of engineering projects

Within the framework of the competition of engineering projects students of our department and electric power department together with their colleagues from DonNTU conducted research and provided engineering solutions for further implementation in Donetskstal enterprises.

According to the results of public defense, our students took 1st and 2nd  place.

12.06.2021 Е-Drive Dniprotech Fest

New friends, interesting acquaintances, useful contacts, news in the field of energy efficiency and Smart technologies, explosive emotions, great mood……

This is how E-Drive Dniprotech Fest responded for the staff of the department.

23.05.2021 Spring Watercolor - Fashion Contest

16.05.2021 If you are a creative person - then you must go to our department!

For the second time, students and teachers of the department had the opportunity to take part in a creative competition of designers, which is organized by the Dnieper College of Technology and Design with the support of the Dnepro City Council.

16.03.2021 Looks like we have a sewing workshop?

And no!

This is a laboratory work in the discipline "Ergonomics and Technical Aesthetics".

In quarantine, in real time, students studied themselves and their classmates with keen interest and enthusiasm.

11.03.2021 Looking for talent

Dnipropetrovsk Furniture Factory invited students for a tour. The management of the plant told interesting information about the history of the enterprise, about famous people and organizations of Dnipropetrovsk region that used the services of the plant. Students were told about the principles of enterprise management, acquainted with career prospects and conducted a tour of key production lines.

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