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History of the Department


The Department was established in 1899 as a drawing room.

The first lecturer of descriptive geometry and engineering drawing, the only disciplines which were professed in that period was engineer-technologist A.F. Rodzevich-Belevich. Students taught lections of descriptive geometry for one semester (two hours per week) and did epures. The general management provided assistant of mining institute A.M. Pavlova.

In 1899 was established a room of technical drawing and till 1924 collected more then 500 examples of machines an its mechanisms. It served for all faculties as simulation laboratory in terms of drawing study. Till 1911 A.F. Rodzevich-Belevich was its chief either.



Later, the cabinet was headed by lectures of different departments:

-1911-1914 - junior scientific assistant of applied mechanics V.M. Makovsky;

-1914-1917 - lecturer of mining mechanics A.M. Shering;

-1917-1921 -doctor I.P. Buhinnik;

There were several drawing rooms in 1921-1922. The first of them was managed by I.P. Buhinnik till 1926, then by professor S.P. Gomelya (1926-1930). The second was managed by doctor N.I. Reznikov (1930).


That lecturers taught the courses of descriptive geometry and drawing as well as their special subjects. Furthermore, as tutors had been invited practicing engineers (1899-1930. N.F. Ermolaev, A.M. Tsejtlin, K.N. Morehodov, I.E. Jahotnov, A.M. Pavlov, I.D. Junitskij). In October 1-tst 1930 the Ph.D office was established. Its chief was I.D. Junitskij, that simultaneously worked in Ph.D office of metal technology. From that date the studying process started being managed by staff lecturers (I.D. Junitskij, A.E. Lokshin, A.P. Gelmersen).

On the basement of drawing room the Department of Graphics was established. The head of department became I.D. Junitskij. On that position he was till 1941 and in 1944-1948 years.

During the WWII period (1941-1944), when institute moved to Karaganda, the Head was A.I. Vishnevsky, engineer-electrician.

In 1948-1975 the Head of Department was E.K. Komarova, that graduated Leningrad mining institute in 1939.

1976-1985 - professor A.K. Kovrizin, graduator of Siberia metallurgical institute (1952).

Form 1985 the department was managed by doctor O.P. Jovtiak, that graduated Dnipropetrovsk mining intitute in 1959.


In 1989 the department provided all-USSR scientific-methodical conference amongst mining universities.

Between 1990 and 2000 there were lots of international conferences.

From 2000 the Department annually participates in several international workshops. For instance, “Innovative decisions in IT”, “Problems of mining-metallurgical sector” etc.

In 2004 was opened Center of informational technology design, which combines 4 computer clusters.


In 2005 the department was renamed in “Design machinery bases”.

In collaboration with department of resource dressing, in 2006 I.M. Matsuk has defended dissertation, which topic was connected with a processing technology of brown coal sludge.

In 2009 the department created Authorized studying center of Askon software, which provides studying of new CAD/CAM software. Every year department and Askon ltd. provide international competition of 3d modeling. Also, the products of Askon widely used in studying and scientific projects. CAD/CAM software of DELCAM is in use either.

Nowadays, students of many faculties, including management, study here.

The department has tight connection with scientific and industry establishments all over Ukraine and abroad. Their specialists take part in studying process, internship program etc.


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