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Virtual scientific and practical conference "Informational Technologies in Science & Education"


On September 26, 2017, the first virtual scientific and practical conference "Informational Technologies in Science & Education" was held at the State University "National Mining University" in cooperation with the Vellore Institute of Technology (India) and the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain).

The conference has become an extraordinary event in the life of the scientific community and has caused great excitement.

The event was a logical continuation of university partnership, which began due to the active position of the department of the Machinery design fundamentals, Automobiles and automobile economy and Machinery technology of National Mining University in cooperation with Vellore Institute of Technology.
To date, the scientific cooperation of the universities has been formalized by MoU on international cooperation and since then has been actively developed, in particular, in the form of a joint virtual conference "Informational Technologies in Science & Education", conducted exclusively in English on the basis of Machinery Design Fundamental Department.

In accordance with actual requirements, this conference meets the requirements of academic mobility of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and creates the possibility to increase the scientific and pedagogical skills in accordance with world trends remotely.
It is known that for most Ukrainian scholars, the main obstacle to obtaining the next academic title is the inability to fulfill the requirements for academic mobility, due to their inaccessibility and high cost.

As a result, the number of people who aspire to continue their careers in the scientific and educational sphere of Ukraine every year is rapidly decreasing. This tendency has been preserved for several years, which greatly reduces the prestige and potential of Ukrainian scholars in the world scientific community. That is why the conference "Informational Technologies in Science & Education" was a significant event in the life of all its participants, and the excitement around this scientific event among the scientists of the NMU and other scientific institutions of Ukraine is explained by the possibility to gain new skills and earn necessary certificates confirming their academic mobility (the decision on validity of the certificate was made by the Rectorate and the Academic Council of the NMU).

Colleagues from the Vellore Institute of Technology (India) and the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) were impressed by the high level of experience the Ukrainian speakers showed. Considerable interest in further development of scientific relations with the specialists from NMU has been formalized in supplementary documents after event.

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