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National Technical University 'Dnipro Polytechnic' takes a large space in the international education space. We have stable business relationship with more than 40 universities and research institutions in 20 countries in Western and Central Europe, Asia and North America.

The University has many training centers: Ukrainian-German cultural, Ukrainian-American linguistic, Ukrainian, Spanish-Latin American, Power and energy management, technical information security, language training, aesthetic development, Gemological. And each may if desired receive training or get advice. With this advanced training, and intercommunication University with foreign universities, our students graduate and get international scholarships to study in higher education institutions in Germany, Poland, the UK, Spain and the United States.

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Кафедра “Автомобілі та автомобільне господарство”
Direction of training: 6.070106 - Automobile transport;
Qualifications: A specialist in road transport;
Specialty: 7.07010601 - Automobiles and Automobile Economy;

Кафедра технології гірничого машинобудування
Direction of training: 6.050502 - Engineering Mechanics;
Qualification: Engineer Mechanical;
Speciality: 7 (8) 090202 - Engineering Technology;

кафедра горной механики
Department of Mining Mechanics
Direction of training: 6.050301 - Mining;
Qualification: Mining Electrical Engineer;
Speciality: - Mining energy and mechanical complexes;

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